Communication is key. Find your key to unlock your door to the world of communication.

This is an old key that belongs to a curio cabinet that I own.  Recently, when moving and finding this key, I examined it and looked at the incredible workmanship that must have gone into making this key and the detail and the sheer weight.  Keys are not made like this today.

If we ponder how we go about business and sales in our daily lives, what went into making that sale successful?  What details did we relay?  We communicated to the decision-maker and advised them what they need and why.   How do we solve their problems?  You have to cultivate relationships by communicating effectively.  Plant the communication seeds, nurture them, and watch your crop grow to a bountiful harvest.

While technology has grown and e-mail and texting has become a quicker method of communicating, that can lose the personal touch that a telephone call or handwritten note can convey.  To be an effective communicator, one must unlock the door to the voice that we all have but sometimes forget to use.  Technology is all around us, but maybe hone in on your time management skills.  Use your time effecively.

More sales are made after repeated contacts; ie, around number six.  I had to follow-up for a year one time to win a contract.  Stay in front of your target, go the extra mile, and keep the lines keys of  communication open.  If one key does not fit what you are trying to achieve, try another until you experience success.

Find your communication key and open the door.  You will be glad you did.  Communication = success!

Author: walkingwithwordsblog

Enjoy all things in the world with business, dreaming, and inspiration in the middle.

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